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Magical Setting:
Azkoitia is a settlement that is replete with history. The Mari-Kurtz dolmens in Izarraitz, speak to us of the existence of human presence in the Neolithic Era (2500 BC - 1200 BC). On the other hand, we find the structures typical of the Peninsula called castros (walled settlement), whose materials can be dated to the 2nd Iron Age (500 BC – 100 BC).

Azkoitia has conserved a large number of monumental buildings and is found in a natural setting of magic forests and urban beaches that are hard to put into words to convey their loveliness. It is also close to Loiola with its Baroque-style building complex: the Loiola Basilica, the Basque Railway Museum in Azpeitia, what is known as the Iron Valley in Legazpi with the Lenbur Museum-Territory. Its proximity to San Sebastián and endless sites of tourist interest such as the Bilboa Guggenheim Museum, Zumaia, Deba, Zarautz, Getaria, all make it an ideal starting point for discovering both Gipuzkoa and the entire Basque Country.

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San Juan Auzoa, 6.

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The Larramendi Torrea is included in the inventory of the Building Historic-Artistic Heritage of Gipuzkoa.
The former tower-house is valued for its door in the form of a pointed arch with a keystone and small pointed and arched windows. These architectural elements that are distributed over the north, east and south façades indicate a construction of the current building from around the beginning of the 16th century. The pointed bays draw the eye due to the primitive cutting technique used, while the windows reveal their pointed tops cut in a monolithic lintel without any structural function.

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